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About us

meSleep is the brainchild of a couple from the heart of India, "Dilli" which started as a hobby.


Our Story (We shall try to make it sound as much storylike as possible!):

Starting out early in their lifes as a young couple with glimmering eyes, deep thoughts and most of all a motivation. A motivation undefeated by failure, insatiable by success. A motivation to lead, innovate and succeed. With this our once a young couple stepped into a field to share with the people an experience of design, and a clear aim to make it approachable to the masses. This couple started their first product, a hand painted cushion cover which said, "Love you Mom". Not being able to serve the orders and maintain uniformity they needed to evolve, combining technology and innovation they initiated the digital printing process pioneering the cushion cover industry, they never thought they would build a brand around this. But as people say the universe has its ways, a decade later here they are presenting a plethora of products which resides on the foundation of the one principle they started their journey with, approachable designs.

The brand promise: Quality


Our Team:

The people they say is what defines the organisation, so how could we be any different. Apart from our founders, who have without a doubt white strands of hair! We are a young and vibrant bunch boosting an average age of 23 Years. We also don't have any titles or positions. This organisation always believed in one thing, a person should be able to shoulder responsibilities and work as both a peon and a president, which our co-founder fondly calls in his style a P2P model.

And yes, we call this crazy bunch a family! Pictures coming soon...


Our Vision:

To be able to provide approachable and vibrant designs on every product. To be able to solve every design and print need of individuals. And to be able to customize a pin or even a plane if the need arises.


Get in Touch:


Phone: +91-9999202270

Location: 37/2/10 Site IV, Sahibabad Industrial Area, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh - 201010